Nurturing Minds: A Guide to Eagle, Idaho’s Educational Institutions

Eagle, Idaho, is not just a picturesque city near Boise; it’s a community deeply invested in the education of its youth. From early childhood centers to specialized high schools, Eagle offers a diverse array of educational institutions. Here’s a detailed look at these schools, organized by the age group they serve.

Early Childhood Education

Cornerstone Children’s Center

  • Location: 1450 North Prestwick Way
  • Focus: Cornerstone Children’s Center provides a nurturing environment for the youngest learners. The center emphasizes individual growth and development, ensuring a solid foundation for future learning.

Eagle Early Learning Center

  • Location: 223 North Eagle Road
  • Offerings: Catering to elementary-aged students, this center focuses on creating a supportive environment where early learners can explore and grow, laying the groundwork for lifelong learning.

New Horizon Child Care #1007

  • Location: 1740 East State Street
  • Services: This facility offers care and education for pre-K children, focusing on preparing them for the next steps in their educational journey with a blend of play and structured learning.

Eagle Adventist Christian Center

  • Location: 538 West State Street
  • Curriculum: Providing education from pre-K through middle school, this faith-based center integrates spiritual education with academic learning, offering a holistic approach to child development.

Mind & Motion Learning Center

  • Location: 875 E Plaza Dr #103
  • Specialty: Dedicated to pre-K children, this center focuses on developmental learning, ensuring that each child receives attention tailored to their unique needs and abilities.

Elementary Education

Galileo Math & Science Magnet

  • Location: 4735 West Saguaro Drive
  • Specialization: With a focus on math and science, this school provides an enriched curriculum for students who have a keen interest in these areas, fostering a love for learning and discovery from a young age.

Eagle Hills Elementary School

  • Location: 650 East Ranch Drive
  • Environment: Known for its supportive community and strong foundational education, Eagle Hills offers a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures all aspects of student development.

Eagle Elementary School of Arts

  • Location: 475 North Eagle Road
  • Unique Offering: Integrating arts into the standard curriculum, this school provides a creative outlet for students, encouraging them to explore their artistic talents alongside academic subjects.

Middle and High School Education

Idaho Fine Arts Academy

  • Location: 3467 West Flint Drive
  • Focus: Catering to middle and high school students, this academy offers specialized education in the arts, helping students to develop their talents in music, dance, visual arts, and more.

North Star Public Charter School

  • Location: 839 North Linder Road
  • Approach: Serving elementary through high school students, North Star offers a comprehensive education with a charter focus, preparing students for higher education and beyond.

Eagle High School

  • Location: 574 North Park Lane
  • Features: As the main high school in Eagle, it provides a broad range of academic and extracurricular options, ensuring that each student can find and follow their passion.

Eagle Middle School

  • Location: 1000 West Floating Feather Road
  • Academics: With a strong focus on student progress and test scores, Eagle Middle School offers a challenging and supportive environment for young adolescents.

Specialized and Private Institutions

Christian Church Ranch School

  • Location: 2421 West Duck Alley Road
  • Offering: This private institution provides a comprehensive education from elementary through high school, focusing on individual student growth and development.

Hall International Academy for Arts and Humanities

  • Location: 1167 E. Iron Eagle Drive
  • Specialization: For middle and high school students, this academy offers a curriculum focused on arts and humanities, providing a unique educational experience.

Eagle Academy

  • Location: 100 South Academy Avenue
  • Distinctive: Known for its robust academic programs, Eagle Academy is a public district high school that prepares students for success in college and their future careers.

Seven Oaks Elementary School

  • Location: 1441 North Sevenoaks Way
  • Community: This public district school is known for its strong community involvement and commitment to providing a quality education for pre-K and elementary students.

Eagle Adventist Christian School

  • Location: 538 W State St
  • Faith-Based Education: Offering a religious-based education for pre-K through middle school, this school integrates spiritual lessons with academic learning.


Eagle, Idaho, is a community where education is cherished and diverse. Whether parents are looking for a specialized focus on arts or science, a faith-based environment, or a strong public education system, Eagle’s schools offer something for every family. Each institution is dedicated to nurturing not just the academic but also the personal growth of its students, preparing them to be the thoughtful, capable, and responsible citizens of tomorrow.