5 Cool Boise Neighborhoods That You Need To See

Cool Boise Neighborhoods

Boise has some of the best neighborhoods in the United States.  It is a great place to live, and people are flocking to Boise from other parts of the country.  Many of these people are looking for neighborhoods that will be as unique as they are.  

So what are the cool Boise neighborhoods you need to check out?

Hyde Park / North End

Bown Crossing in Southeast Boise

Hidden Springs

Boise Bench

Warm Springs Area

These neighborhoods stand apart for various reasons.   Each of them is lovely and desirable in its own right. The five neighborhoods on our list offer a distinct mixture of natural and urban.  This provides residents with the convenience they desire, along with the natural wonder they crave. Each neighborhood is also full of historical significance.

The five best neighborhoods on our list are largely self-sustaining.  Shopping and dining needs can be met in the same neighborhood you live in.  Of course, Downtown Boise is close by, but residents of these communities have the option of staying near home.  Whether you are a homebody or enjoy getting out and about, each of these neighborhoods will surpass your expectations!

Hyde Park / North End

Hyde Park and the North End makes the list as one of the coolest and best neighborhoods in Boise because of its interesting historical significance.  An vibrant shopping district called Hyde Park lies within the heart of the North End, with buildings originally constructed in the 1800s.  When the area of Hyde Park was developed, there were no cars. It was a pedestrian village that serviced all the needs of its residents. 

Today, the historic storefronts of Hyde Park have been renovated.  Those who live around Hyde Park still have the option of having most of their needs met within their own little neighborhood. 

The shopping district of Hyde Park features specialty stores and exquisite dining. Dining options include Harry’s, 13th Street Pub, Perilla, Sun Ray Cafe Casa Mexico, and North End Pizza. Many of the restaurants boast lovely patios where diners can bask in the ambiance of the historic North End neighborhood. Coffee houses include Hyde Perk and Java. And don’t forget Goodies for ice cream or delectable chocolate.

The North End also includes an Albertsons (grocery store) and the Boise Co-Op (natural grocery store) as well. 

Hyde Park / North End is the headquarters for some of the most famous biking trails in the country.  Many bicyclists either start or end their journey here. 

The North End also features lovely walking trails and a quick escape into the natural beauty of the Boise foothills.  There is a nice mixture of older homes and newer-style homes available in the Hyde Park area.

And if you are a skier, the North End serves as the entry point to Bogus Basin Ski Resort.

As you can see, the North End is my favorite area of Boise. Let me know if you have any questions about this part of town.

Bown Crossing in Southeast Boise

Bown Crossing is known for featuring some of the best food in Boise!  People from all over Boise come to Bown Crossing to enjoy the delicious fare.  There is a marketplace close to homes in the area.

In some ways, the neighborhood is a village unto itself. Many people who live around Bown Crossing are within biking or walking distance of work.  This provides for simpler living in a neighborhood as unique as its residents.

Beautiful Italianate homes line the streets and sidewalks. In the evening, residents can be seen walking hand in hand through the neighborhood, waving and socializing with neighbors.

Nestled in close proximity to the Boise River and the Greenbelt, Bown Crossing is the perfect combination of urban and rural living.  The neighborhood sits adjacent to miles of biking and walking trails

There is also the opportunity to fish or participate in watersports.  Bown Crossing residents enjoy the various amenities afforded to them by this neighborhood.


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Hidden Springs

This neighborhood is located in the Boise foothills just north of town.  There are several small subdivisions located within Hidden Springs. This neighborhood is home to several lovely parks

It gives the feel of rural living, while still being in close proximity to Downtown Boise.  There is a general store located within Hidden Springs, so there is little reason to have to leave the neighborhood if you do not want to.

The community of Hidden Springs manages over 800 acres of permanently preserved natural space.  There are plenty of hiking and biking trails, and there is room for all sorts of outdoor activities. 

Many residents choose to walk to their destinations within the neighborhood, as the area is known for being pedestrian-friendly. 

Hidden Springs is a master-planned neighborhood and features many lovely, modern homes in all kinds of architectural styles.  There is a fit for just about everyone in this beautiful community. 

Hidden Springs offers an enjoyable rural lifestyle in a community that is still large enough service the needs of its residents. 

Boise Bench

The Boise Bench is named such because it rises up above the river and the city of Boise on the northeast side.  This community sits approximately 60 feet higher than Downtown Boise. 

Its elevation gives the Boise Bench a prime view of the city of Boise, as well as the surrounding Boise foothills and the Boise River.  There are a number of subdivisions within the Boise Bench.

As with some of our other cool neighborhoods, the Boise Bench is somewhat of a town unto itself. 

There are shopping and dining experiences available within walking or biking distance of the beautiful homes there.  Being so close to nature, there are also plenty of outdoor activities available, from fishing to biking, to a wide range of watersports.

One of the Boise Bench’s claims to fame is the wide range of architecture represented there.  There are older, modest homes peppered throughout more modern, regal dwellings. 

Almost every form of architecture is represented among the homes of the Boise Bench.  A person with any type of home in mind can find it on the Boise Bench.

Warm Springs Area

The East End neighborhood of Warm Springs is bordered by both the Boise River and Table Rock.  There is no shortage of natural wonders to enjoy in this community! 

In close proximity to Downtown Boise, this East End neighborhood still offers all the convenience of a large city.  This neighborhood sports older homes, dating back to the 1800s and brand new homes.

Warm Springs is home to several parks, as well as cool, modern coffee shops.  There are a number of diverse activities available. Many people work or go to school and live in the same community. 

The newest developments in Warm Springs is to the east of Warm Springs Avenue. This is one of the larger roads going through the community, and the most historic, with horse hitching posts still standing outside some of the Warm Springs mansions.

While newer homes are now being built toward the east end of Warm Springs Avenue, this avenue also features beautiful older homes, as it resides in Boise’s historic district. 

This is where the beauty of the city and the majesty of nature come together. Warm Springs is the perfect urban community nestled just blocks from downtown Boise.

What Makes These Neighborhoods So Cool?

A central theme between these five neighborhoods is that they are all small communities within themselves.  Yet they are still part of or very close to the city of Boise. 

These neighborhoods feature general stores, specialty shops, and fine dining.  Many people are able to work in the same community in which they live.

These neighborhoods are also full of historical significance and natural wonder.  Each has its own parks, notable biking and walking trails, and outdoor activities. 

Surrounded by nature, and yet nestled within a bustling city, these cool communities offer the best of both worlds.  They also offer a wide variety of historical and modern architecture.

If you are thinking of moving to Boise, any of the neighborhoods we’ve mentioned are worth checking out.  They blend a relaxed, natural lifestyle with the convenience of the city. These communities are great for meeting new people and establishing a way of life you are sure to enjoy!