Eagle, Idaho: A Demographic Overview

Eagle, Idaho, is more than just a scenic city; it’s a rapidly growing community with a rich demographic tapestry. This article provides a detailed look into the people who make up this vibrant city, offering insights into age, race, family structure, and more.

Population and Density

Eagle boasts a population of 29,665, with a density of 975 people per square mile. This growth is indicative of the city’s increasing popularity as a place to live, work, and play. The median age in Eagle is 45.5 years, slightly higher than the U.S. median of 38.4, reflecting a mature and established community.

Family Dynamics

Family is at the heart of Eagle’s community. About 67.2% of the population is married, and 38.2% of those married have children, indicating a strong presence of family units. However, the city is also home to those who are single, divorced, or widowed, showcasing a diverse range of household types.

Ethnic Composition

Eagle is predominantly white, with 91.4% of the population identifying as such. Other ethnicities include 1.2% Asian, 0.3% Black, and 0.2% Native American. Additionally, 4.9% of the population claims Hispanic ethnicity, and 2.0% are of two or more races. This diversity adds a rich cultural layer to the city’s social fabric.

Age Distribution

The city’s age distribution is varied, with a good mix across all age groups. There’s a significant segment of the population in the 45-54 age bracket, followed closely by those aged 65-74. This distribution indicates a balanced community, with both young families and retirees calling Eagle home.

Marriage and Family

A significant majority of Eagle’s residents are married, with a married population of 67.2%. This is higher than the national average, reflecting the city’s family-oriented nature. The households in Eagle predominantly consist of married couples, both with and without children, but there’s also a notable number of single-parent households.

Economic and Social Life

Eagle’s demographic profile is not just numbers; it reflects the city’s economic and social life. With a variety of local businesses, from salons and spas to pubs and music stores, the city offers a rich lifestyle. The presence of organizations like the Eagle Chamber of Commerce and the Lion’s Club indicates an active community life, with residents invested in the city’s development and well-being.


Eagle, Idaho, is a city with a dynamic and diverse population. Its residents range from young professionals to retirees, from families to singles, and represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This demographic diversity contributes to Eagle’s unique character, making it a desirable place to live for a wide range of people. Whether you’re drawn to its family-friendly atmosphere, its active social life, or its beautiful surroundings, Eagle offers a little something for everyone.