Living in the North End Neighborhood- Boise, Idaho At It’s Finest!

If you’re looking for a beautiful home in the heart of Boise, look no further than the North End. Considered by many to be Boise’s most desirable place to live, this neighborhood features some of the most historic real estate in all of Boise, with many parks, mountain views, nature, and great schools.

Do you desire to be near the heart of the city? The North End is just a five-minute drive to get to downtown Boise. This neighborhood is great for Millennials, or the younger demographic looking to be close to the pulse of the downtown nightlife. Living in the North End of Boise, families will love the area for its classical charm, great parks, and direct access to Boise’s bustling business center.

Top 5 Features of Boise’s North End

There are five key features of the North End including Hyde Park, Camels Back Park/ Hulls Gulch, Harrison Boulevard, and the Boise Foothills. Housing types are rather diverse, ranging anywhere from modern to Queen Anne, Craftsman, and many more.

Map of the North End- Boise, Idaho

1. Hyde Park

Nestled right in the middle of the North End, Hyde Park is a small business area with a variety of shops and restaurants. The lively area features a gas station, ice cream parlor, two coffee shops, pizza, Mexican food, two local watering holes, shops, and several restaurants.

Each year in September, the area comes alive with the Hyde Park Street Fair. People flock to the area for live music, food vendors, shopping, and more. Camels Back Park, just north of the Hyde Park business area is the main hub of the event, which goes on for three days in mid-September. Bring your bike, dog, and friends!


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2. Camels Back Park/ Hulls Gulch Reserve

Camel’s Back Park, the North End’s most notable park, includes some amazing trails, leading back to the Hulls Gulch Reserve which is tucked right behind the main hill. You’ll enjoy 292 acres of beautiful ponds, and meandering trails. Two main trailheads provide hikers, walkers, and mountain bikers access to the 180 miles of Ridge To Rivers trails that wind through the Boise Foothills. You may even see an owl or two, who are known to frequent the area.

3. Boise Foothills

The Boise Foothills provide a beautiful frame around North and Northeast Boise. You’ll regularly see a migration of mountain bikers streaming through the North End heading for an afternoon climb through the extensive Foothills trail system.

The Boise-Eagle Foothills trail system has been designated as a gold-level world-class trail system, as defined by the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Only a few places in the US have this designation.


4. Harrison Boulevard

Harrison Boulevard is one of the most beautiful and historic streets in all of Boise. The boulevard is the navigational nerve center of the North End and is also the gateway to Bogus Basin ski resort, just 16 miles up the hill. The boulevard is also completely shut down on Halloween for trick-or-treaters to safely run from house to house collecting their bounty.

5. North End Boise Schools

There are many great schools in Boise’s North End:

Longfellow Elementary SchoolPublic- Grades PK-6
Washington ElementaryPublic- Grades PK-6
St. Joseph’s Catholic SchoolPrivate- Grades 6-12
Icon Charter SchoolCharter- Grades 6-12
Marian Pritchett Memorial SchoolPublic- Grades 6-12
North Jr. High SchoolPublic- Grades 7-9
Boise Senior High SchoolPublic- Grades 9-12