Should We Move To Boise Idaho? Top Reasons To Move To Boise

Searching for the right place to live can be daunting. There are financial, practical, and emotional concerns to consider before making a commitment to a new place to call home.

Top Reasons to Move to Boise:

  1. Beautiful scenery in Boise will help you get active and stay in shape
  2. Boise has four seasons, and all of them are tolerable
  3. Boise has job opportunities now and for the future
  4. Boise real estate is affordable
  5. Boise has a vibrant and growing art scene and plenty of options for entertainment
  6. Outdoor activities are plentiful in the Boise area
  7. Boise has a major airport with flights to all your favorite vacation spots

1. Get Active in Boise!

No need for a gym membership or expensive indoor exercise equipment. The top gym in Boise is the great outdoors! To start, the riverside Greenbelt path stretches over 25 miles with plenty of trailhead options for hiking, biking, and running. Nearby, you can find water sport options, including rafting down the Boise River.

Even during the Winter, Boise has outdoor adventure opportunities, most notably ski resorts, like Bogus Basin Mountain or Silver Mountain Resort. If you are willing to drive a little further, there are several other ski, snowboard, and snowshoe destinations available to you.

The natural beauty of Boise can entice even the most stubborn homebodies to get out into the fresh air, which is why it is now one of the healthiest cities in the country. Accessibility to mountains, freshwater, and rolling foothills is surely one of the top reasons to move to Boise.

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2. Enjoy All Four Seasons that Idaho has to Offer

If you’re tired of piling on layers in the Winter and sweating through your shirt in the Summer, Boise is the place for you! In Boise, there are enough temperature variations to allow you to enjoy a crisp breeze in the Fall and a kiss of the sun in the Spring. You can forget the arduous days of shoveling 4 feet of snow from your driveway and the long afternoons standing in front of the freezer to cool off.

This mild climate offers all the benefits of each season, without the extremes, allowing you to take advantage of all those outdoors activities!

3. Finding a Job in Boise

While Boise has work to do in creating more high-paying jobs for its citizens, there are many industries that are drawing people to Boise for work. Boise is home to some of the top medical facilities which employ thousands of medical professionals.

Boise also has educational opportunities and a growing tech industry that will allow for even greater employment growth over the next several years.

Boise has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States showing the recent financial success of the city and making it an ideal place to look for a new job. And for those of you looking for a retirement spot, Boise also ranks in one of the best places in the country to retire.

4. Buy Now!

Due to the popularity of this thriving city, housing prices are on the rise. But, if you’re planning to relocate soon, you are in luck! The cost of living in Boise right now is significantly lower than major cities across the country, including the median rent, contributing to its appeal for both young families and retirees alike.

With minimal taxes and affordable costs for goods and services, Boise is an alluring place to save money while taking advantage of all the amenities you would find in cities like Seattle or Portland.

5. Soak Up Some Boise Culture

Boise has some of the top art facilities and cultural attractions in the country that open to the public all year round. Surprised? Check them out for yourself! The Boise Art Museum has rotating exhibitions from artists all over the world. Most recently, the museum featured Jae Yong Kim’s installation of hand-sculpted and painted donuts!

Throughout the year Boise is home to some exciting music festivals, including Jazz and Country, and several neighboring towns host annual county fairs that are fun for all ages. Boise also has a notable contemporary art theater hosting a variety of shows for locals to enjoy and a Shakespeare festival hosted in an amphitheater.

If you’re looking for other local attractions, you can visit the Boise Zoo, The Discovery Center of Idaho, or the Idaho Dance Theater. There is no shortage of entertainment options when it comes to Boise.

6. Move To Boise For The Outdoors

Outdoor activities abound in Southwest Idaho! In winter, enjoy skiing at Bogus Basin, just 16 miles outside of town. Ready for a little adventure? Head just 2.5 hours into the hills for an amazing snow-filled adventure at Sun Valley. Or keep it a little closer to home, and head up to McCall for the skiing or McCall Winter Carnival.

Summer has even more to offer, with world-renowned fishing just outside of town. Enjoy floating the Boise River. Maybe hit the links at one of many local golf clubs. Enjoy a bike ride down Boise’s Green Belt which meanders beside the Boise River. Or take your kayak to the Boise Whitewater Park in the heart of the city.

7. Jet Set from an International Airport

Although it may seem counterintuitive, one of the top reasons to move to Boise is the proximity to the Boise International Airport. When it’s time to take a vacation, enjoy non-stop flights to domestic cities like San Francisco or Las Vegas, or international flights to Cancun or Paris.

Do you have friends or relatives that want to come to visit you in Boise? No problem! A short drive to the airport and you can be there to pick up your guests and show them all that Boise has to offer.

If you’re still not convinced, come for a visit! Explore Boise and join the growing community taking advantage of this new hub. Despite the number of new residents and an increase in amenities in Boise, it maintains the small-town feel of a rural community. Make Boise your new home!