Here are 5 Amazing Reasons to Move to Eagle, Idaho

Idaho is perhaps best known for its famous potatoes, and yet the state nickname is the Gem State due to the abundant variation of gemstones found within its state lines. Perhaps the best-kept secret of this northwestern state is the city of Eagle.

Here are 5 reasons to move to Eagle, Idaho:

  1. Easy Commute to Boise or Meridian
  2. Great Place for Families
  3. Climate and Weather
  4. Healthy Housing Market
  5. Great Eateries and Restaurants

Eagle, Idaho is located just ten miles outside of the capital of Boise and offers both recreational and city amenities to its residents, allowing for upscale shopping just as easily as weekend camping trips and journeys out to Bogus Basin Resort for some skiing.

It is no easy feat for a city to just as easily offer zip lining and horseback riding as it does nights out for French cuisine and window shopping at local boutiques, but Eagle has been able to marry the aspect of suburban and urban living that an individual would want in a truly unique settlement.

Furthermore, according to the American Moving & Storage Association, Idaho is listed as the top state where Americans are choosing to relocate, with a higher percentage of people moving in than moving out at 65%! It is not without reason that Americans are choosing to travel and relocate to Idaho and Eagle is certainly no exception.

Eagle, Idaho Jobs Availability and Commute

Idaho’s state unemployment rate is 2.9%, 0.7% lower than the country’s impressively low unemployment rate of 3.6%. With regards to the job market itself, the nearby capital of Boise has both private and public sector opportunities, perhaps the fastest-growing subset being technology with such companies as HP and Micron Technology having offices in the major city.

There are federal job opportunities as well as Boise houses the offices for the Federal Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Fire Service and three hospitals.

How Far is Eagle, Idaho from Boise?

Eagle is 9.9 miles from Boise. A typical rush-hour commute from Eagle to Boise, Idaho is between ten and twenty minutes by car making for a quick trip to Boise’s downtown, while still allowing Eagle residents to enjoy the perks of suburban living.

Furthermore, Boise Airport is just twenty minutes away, allowing for convenient and stress-free business and vacation travel. It truly is the best of both worlds.


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Eagle, Idaho Family Activities & Great Schools

Equally as important, the public school system in Eagle is impressive, to say the least. There are twelve primary and secondary schools with Eagle High School scoring a 10/10 according to It boasts an impressive 23:1 student to teacher ratio and scored 10th out of Idaho’s 52 high schools.

Eagle High School also ranked better than 80.8% of Idaho high schools on the statewide performance tests in 2018 according to SchoolDigger. Eagle Middle School and Eagle Elementary School of the Arts both ranked 8/10 and the state of Idaho’s overall high school graduation rate is 84.7% ranking it in the top third of the nation.

The city itself is also very family-oriented and promotes programs for all ages and interests. Eagle Fun Days take place every year in July and include such free activities as live music, corn hole tournaments, classic car shows, fireworks, parades, bounce houses, and photo booths.

The Eagle Public Library also offers free weekly classes and events such as knitting, virtual reality, star-gazing, quilting, and “Hot dog and a Movie” nights.

Due to its vicinity to a capital city, there are also a wide array of other activities for families such as the Aquarium of Boise, the Discovery Center of Idaho, the Children’s Museum of Idaho, Wahooz Family Fun Zone, Roaring Springs Water Park, and even a vintage arcade!

Eagle, Idaho Weather & Climate

Eagle is fortunate to have four picturesque seasons, allowing residents to enjoy what each has to offer without having to worry about extreme weather conditions. July is the warmest month of the year and the highest average temperature is approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit and a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit most evenings.

The coldest month of the year, January has average daily highs of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and snow is not the nuisance that it is in other parts of the country.

On average, Eagle sees approximately ten inches of snow, enough to enjoy the picturesque scene, go on a sleigh ride, make a snowman, and enjoy a hot chocolate.

Commutes and school openings are hardly ever impacted by winter weather; in fact, Eagle sees over 200 sunny days on average each year which makes for some lusciously green Springs and Summers! Leaf peepers need not fret as Fall is an equally beautiful time as the trees display vibrant orange and red hues.
Outdoor Recreation

Unsurprisingly, Idaho is known for its nature and scenery due to beautiful offerings of rivers, mountain ranges, and undisturbed protected wildlands. In fact, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, Idahoans make up the highest percentage of residents participating in outdoor recreation each year.

Idaho residents spend billions of dollars annually on their outdoor activities and it is easy to see why. The variations in weather allow for the opportunities to enjoy a truly unique array of activities.

There are 36 lakes and rivers in the state with white water rafting and kayaking being the most popular water activities, especially given the fact that Eagle is the northern gateway to McCall and the raging Payette River.

There are also too numerous hiking trails to list with Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge being just a half-hour away from Eagle and offering stunningly beautiful scenery to enjoy while walking your dog or fishing for bass.

The close proximity to the Boise River as well as local neighborhood ponds allows for convenient strolls along the Boise Greenbelt, a paved path that runs along the river.

There are public hot springs, waterfalls, and natural rock pools tucked away in the mountains of Boise National Forest as well as hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.

Zip-lining is also becoming increasingly popular and Tamarack Canopy Zipline Tour, just under two hours away, was voted one of the top 10 zip line tours in North America by USA Today.

There are also plenty of winter activities of which to take advantage and Eagle’s central location makes them all easily accessible. These include tubing, skiing, ice skating, sleigh rides, snowmobiling, and snowboarding.

Eagle, Idaho Housing Market

The great thing about Eagle’s real estate market is the various price points offered to those looking to buy a house. Houses range from under $100,000 for a three-bedroom to multi-million dollar properties. The median cost for a house is $477,000 and it is currently a seller’s real estate market as home values have increased over 9% in the last year and are predicted, according to Zillow, to increase again in the upcoming year.

The job market is booming and the state, more specifically the suburbs of Boise, are seeing an influx of new residents. Furthermore, there are housing communities currently under construction that will offer affordable options to young families with brand new homes going on the market for well under the median price for the area.

Eagle, Idaho Restaurants & Eateries: A Foodie’s Paradise

Lastly, Eagle has been receptive to the recent push towards healthy and unique dining experiences and residents do not have to travel to a large city to experience a romantic date night or cuisine variety.

There is a common misconception that smaller cities and towns are rife with chain-restaurants and under-performing food establishments but Eagle is conquering the food scene. Le Coq d’Or French Restaurant offers afternoon tea and an eclectic brain-child of a menu that includes escargot and Poulet Perigord.

The Schnitzel Garten offers traditional German meals and draft brews; Tasziki’s is available for Mediterranean cuisine, Zen Bento for Japanese and Rembrandts for a coffee with a side of local art and music. Eagle even has a distillery called Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery with a vegetarian-friendly menu and a large selection of wines, beers, and spirits.

The five reasons to move to Eagle, Idaho listed above paint a picture, one of economic opportunity, great public schools, beautiful landscapes, recreational outings, an affordable housing market, and a thriving downtown with a bustling food scene to enjoy.

Eagle is a well-kept secret for now, but it is easy to see that it will not be for long given the lost list of amenities it has to offer its residents.

The small-town vibe right outside of a major capital city is not a common finding and as the city continues to grow, so will its charm and appeal to potential residents seeking a peaceful way of life the way only Eagle can provide.

You could ask yourself, what do I give up by moving to this town or that city? But the unique aspect of Eagle is the ability to have it all without having to sacrifice a single thing. Happiness is in Eagle and you should be too.