Here are 7 Compelling Reasons for Living in Meridian, Idaho

7 Reasons for Living in Meridian Idaho

Having spent my life in the Boise area, I have witnessed the huge growth in the suburb of Meridian.  Meridian is one of the 20 fastest-growing cities in the nation, but no matter how much growth occurs, it still has a tight-knit feel about it and offers a distinct quality of life.  So what reasons are drawing people to live in Meridian?

Here are the Top 7 Compelling Reasons for Living in Meridian:

  1. Location
  2. Amenities
  3. Entertainment
  4. Employment Potential
  5. Low Cost of Living
  6. Close-Knit Community
  7. Outdoor Activities

People are moving to Meridian because they are seeking a higher quality of life.  This is a place where it is easy to earn a good living and stretch your dollar further.  There is something for everyone to do, no matter what your age and everything is close to home!  Meridian is a perfect mixture of comfortable, small-town feel, mixed with the conveniences of metropolitan life. 

Meridian’s Central Location

Meridian is possibly the perfect-sized city.  It is possible to live in Meridian and easily work anywhere in the Boise Valley.  With a population of just over 100,000, Meridian offers a metropolitan atmosphere while still ensuring that your home is near to your work and other activities.  Fifteen minutes is the standard travel time to reach any destination within Meridian.

Picture a city that encompasses everything you and your family enjoy!  To make it even better, you do not have to fight the traffic that you face in larger cities.  While the city of Meridian is growing quickly, it still offers the conveniences of suburbia, including larger homes with more acreage.  Not to mention, anywhere you need to go is only a short drive away.

If you do want to venture into Boise or desire to work there, it is only a short, 20-minute drive.  The convenience offered by living in Meridian is not common in any other metropolitan area.  It is truly the best of both worlds.

Meridian Amenities

Meridian is home to 19 beautiful parks.  These are well-cared for and they are regularly visited by the residents of Meridian.  The city has a great way of blending a natural element with the lifestyle of a large city.  The parks are fun and interesting places to visit that will cost you nothing at all. Regular gatherings and activities are also hosted at these parks.

Meridian boasts a booming medical park and scientific community as well as other growing industries.  There are libraries, gyms, and stores of every kind available. If you do not want to leave Meridian, there is really no reason you would have to venture out into the bigger city of Boise.

Meridian offers a variety of grocery stores, shopping malls, and specialty stores.  Any kind of shopping experience you desire can be found in Meridian. There are facilities available for recreational sports and plenty of activities to get the kids involved in.  This city offers everything a person at any stage of life could need.  

Of special interest is The Village at Meridian.  This upscale entertainment center also features delectable restaurants, a movie theater, and luxury office space.  The Village at Meridian even sports a choreographed fountain that conducts water and light shows once an hour. As well as being an excellent destination for an afternoon outing, The Village at Meridian also regularly hosts events. 


Meridian features some of the best dining experiences in the country!  Whether you have a taste for chain restaurants or whether you have an adventuresome diet, there are plenty of options to choose from.  There are countless local restaurants in Meridian, featuring exquisite foods prepared by renowned chefs.  

Meridian is also a popular hub for artists.  There are plenty of museums and galleries to choose from if you enjoy viewing art.  Meridian hosts popular bands and artists regularly, although talented local artists can also be found performing in the cafes at The Village at Meridian.  No matter what your tastes, you will find the type of entertainment you enjoy here! 

There is no lack of things to do for the more active consumer, either.  The Wahooz Family Fun Zone is one of the best waterparks on earth.  Whether you are single, retired, or in the process of raising a family, there is plenty for you to do in Meridian.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this growing city and all it has to offer.

Meridian’s Employment Potential

Job growth in Meridian has expanded at more than double the national rate.  Meridian is known for its growing economy and low unemployment rate.  While the scientific and healthcare fields are growing at astonishing speeds in Meridian, there are also other jobs of every kind available.  No matter what your niche is, you are likely to be able to both live and work in Meridian.

The average income in Meridian is also higher than the national average.  The city is growing so rapidly because people from around the country are drawn by the allure of employment opportunities and a more affordable lifestyle.  This city brings a lot to the table when it comes to the quality of life. That brings us to our next compelling reason for living in Meridian!


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Low Cost of Living in Meridian

Droves of people are relocating from different parts of the country to Meridian, where they can experience a fuller, more cost-efficient lifestyle.  While pay for this area is competitive, the cost of living is significantly lower than in many other areas.  This is a huge draw for people who want to have more quality time to spend with their families or enjoy themselves.  

Both housing costs and the costs of commodities are low in Meridian compared to national statistics.  Why not move to a place where you can have all your needs met at a lower cost and spend more money on the things you enjoy?

Close-Knit Community

While the city is growing extremely rapidly, it still has a down-home feel.  The people of Meridian are friendly, and the atmosphere is inclusive of everyone.  No matter where you live in Meridian, there are is almost always a park within biking distance.   Meridian is a great place to settle down and meet new friends.  

It is a place that is big enough to meet all of your needs while still keeping you in the company of people who care to know your name.  There is a range of community events available to help bring people together. The city parks, in particular, are regular gathering places where people can both enjoy their old friends and spend time meeting new ones.

Outdoor Activities

Meridian offers a wide variety of outdoor activities.  The northern part of the city sports some of the best biking trails out there.  Biking is extremely popular in Meridian.  There are plenty of activities offered in the local parks, and the Boise River and Boise foothills are nearby.   

Kleiner Park is a favorite outdoor gathering place for the locals of Meridian.  In addition to having standard play areas, walking trails, and pavilions for grilling, this park also offers a splash pad and an amphitheater for summer concerts.

Watersports are a popular pastime, as the Boise River flows through the northern part of Meridian.  Many people also love fishing in the river! No matter what level of physical fitness you are at or what activities you prefer, you will find yourself right at home in Meridian.  You might even find new activities that you have not tried before.