7 Surprising Attributes of the Boise Bench: What Makes This Area Special…

The Boise Bench offers some of the most unique and appealing real estate in Boise, Idaho.  Perhaps the Bench’s most interesting attribute is its architecture. There are a mix of architectural plans along the Boise Bench, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  No matter what style home you are looking for, it can be found along the Boise Bench.

So, what are some amazing attributes of the Boise Bench?

  • History
  • Home Construction on the Boise Bench
  • Commerce Development
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Locale

The Boise Bench sits about sixty feet higher than the rest of the city.  At Boise’s conception, it wasn’t thought that the land on the bench was good for very much.  Then the townsmen realized that it was a promising agricultural locale and began to plant crops on the Bench.  

Eventually, the Union Railroad built a depot on the Boise Bench, and with the creation of modern cars and roads, it was an easy destination for people to reach.  In more recent times, real estate has boomed along the Boise bench, offering everything from modest, affordable homes to larger homes in more affluent neighborhoods.

History of the Boise Bench

Water was not made available to the Boise Bench until the late 1800s.  At that point, water began to be pumped in from the Ridenbaugh Canal.

Once thought to be a nothing but desert land, the people of Boise were surprised to learn that the Boise Bench actually held good soil for growing several different crops.  

The agricultural offerings of the Boise bench prospered for many years, until the Union Railroad found a way to use the land for its own purposes.

When the Union Railroad chose to place the end of its Boise main line in Idaho along the Boise Bench and build a depot there, the townspeople were disappointed at first.  They believed the bench to be too far out of the way for travelers to walk and wait at the railroad depot for their trains.

Soon, the prevalence of the modern automobiles and the construction of roads took care of that problem, and the depot was easily accessible.  


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Home Construction on the Boise Bench

The dust bowl brought in an influx of new people to Idaho.  At this point, prospectively lucrative real estate developments began popping up along the Bench.  Affordable houses began to be built, and many people moved there.

When investors saw that the land and homes were profitable, they began to build nicer homes and more affluent neighborhoods within the Boise Bench.

An interesting attribute of the Boise Bench is the diversity in architecture.  Since homes were being provided for both wealthy and common people, everything from brick homes to Tudors to Colonial houses were built along the Boise Bench.  This phenomenon is apparent if you take a drive through the Bench and along its neighborhoods.

You can witness the beauty of the diverse architecture and wonder at the strange, yet lovely choices the first occupiers of the Bench chose, regarding the architecture of their homes.  This is also a plus if you are searching for a permanent home, as you have your choice of just about any kind of architecture you desire.

Commerce Development on the Boise Bench

As development continued, restaurants began popping up along the bench.  There are now several offerings, from down home cooking to more elegant venues.  Both locals and visitors congregate at these restaurants with their diverse offerings.

As well as dining, commerce has blossomed along the Boise Bench.  The Bench has come to include furniture stores, clothing and shoe stores, convenience stores, and novelty stores.

Vacation Rentals

In the beginning of Boise’s development, the Boise Bench was not considered part of the city.  It had now been fully incorporated into the city and is a hub for commerce and real estate. As such, and with the draw of vacationers to Boise, vacation rentals have become a booming business on the Bench.  Vacationers find it interesting to have their choice of vacation homes amid the diverse construction and architecture of the Bench.


While there is plenty of commerce, real estate, and things to do on the bench itself, its proximity to other convenient locations is an attribute to the Boise Bench.  Homes and rentals along the Bench are within just a few miles of downtown, the airport, and Boise State University.

What the Boise Bench has to Offer

The Boise Bench’s rich history provides an educational element for a family to explore.  There are plenty of lovely homes for sale. You may have your choice of just about any kind of structure or type of architecture you prefer.  

There is no shortage of shopping and dining experiences on the Bench itself, but it is also close enough to Downtown to make exploring Boise easy, effortless, and fun.  Proximity to the airport is also a plus if you plan to fly in or out of Boise.