Moving to Boise, Idaho from California: 7 Critical Items to Consider…

There is a huge influx of people moving from California to Boise, Idaho.  The lower cost of living and the excellent job market make up large reasons for the numbers of transplants.  Idaho is a hospitable state with a lovely climate and a great housing market. Well known for its abundance of public and private schools, Boise is also a place your children can receive a quality education.  

Transplants from California find the pace of life to be slower and less strenuous and are sometimes surprised to find opportunities in Boise that they did not know were available.  The natural beauty of Boise and the surrounding area also represent a draw to people from all walks of life. There are numerous outdoor activities to participate in. Boise presents a lovely backdrop for life as a whole.

Here are 7 Critical Items to Consider When Moving to Boise Idaho from California:

  • Boise’s Cost of Living
  • Boise’s Job Opportunities
  • Renting or Buying a Home in Boise
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Climate and Natural Beauty
  • Boise’s Rich Culture
  • Boise’s Hospitality

Cost of Living in Boise

Even though Boise, is the capital city of Idaho, cost of living rates are still very low, especially when compared to those in California.  Unlike in many states, the cost of living in the capital city is actually comparable to the cost of living in other areas throughout the state.  The cost of living in Boise is only 6% higher than the national average.

Commodities like groceries and gas and services like propane and electrical rate right alongside prices for the rest of the state as a whole.  This is a rare phenomenon, as the capital city usually incurs a much higher cost of living, and these items are usually higher.

Boise Job Opportunities

There are job opportunities aplenty in Idaho’s largest, most populated city.  The unemployment rate for Boise is only 2.3%. In many national surveys, Idaho has topped the list as one of the best states for employment.  There is a large need for workers in both the healthcare and service industries in Boise, as well as a variety of other fields.

Micron, Boise’s largest employer designs and produces electronic products such as computers.  There are many subsidiaries of Micron, also based in Boise, which produce like products, so there are many factory and software-related jobs available.  No matter what your field of interest, there are job openings in Boise and an impressively low rate of unemployment.


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Renting or Buying a Home in Boise

Rental prices in Boise are significantly lower than those in the rest of the country.  The difference in the cost per month for an apartment is about $200 between rent in Boise and the average rental cost for the country as a whole.  Boise features lovely apartment complexes as well as single-family dwellings.

Mortgages in Boise are on par with costs for the rest of the state.  There are also many up and coming neighborhoods in Boise and a lovely variety of architecture.  An advantage to living in Boise is that your home can be in close proximity to city life while also being located in walking distance of several natural wonders and outdoor activities.

Educational Opportunities

There are a variety of choices available to parents when it comes to educating their children in Boise.  Not only does Boise have a wonderful public school system, but there are also many great private schools, charter schools, and magnet schools available.  Parents have the freedom to choose which route of education is best for their children and have an abundance of options available to them.

Boise is also home to Boise State University and many other colleges.  If your children want to stay close to home while they further their education, there are plenty of programs available to them, right here in Boise.  Whether you or your children are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, there are several options within Boise’s city limits.

Boise State University Campus

Climate and Natural Beauty

Some parts of Idaho are known for getting a lot of snow, but not Boise.  Known as the City of Trees, Boise experiences each of the four seasons. It is not a place where you will either swelter or freeze.  Many people are drawn here, given the mild weather and the beautiful natural wonders surrounding Boise. Boise’s many parks provide wonderful places to gather, have fun, and meet new friends.

Boise is a lovely city, obviously plenteous in trees and natural beauty.  With the Greenbelt, the Boise River, and countless creeks and streams bordering many neighborhoods, it is a beautiful and adventurous place to live.  Many people in Boise participate in watersports, hiking, horseback riding, and the like. There is no lack of things to do for the avid outdoorsman.

Boise River

The rolling foothills bordering the city create a secure and natural feel.  Almost anywhere in the city, you can look up and see the natural beauty of the hills.  Boise life creates a wonderful mix of experiencing nature and enjoying the lifestyle of a large city.

Boise’s Rich Culture

Boise has a rich history of jazz music.  It is sometimes known as “The Musical City”.  Theater is also popular in Boise, and there are several theatrical groups that call Boise home.  Some of the most well-known jazz musicians and actors got their start right here in Boise! There are plenty of cultural events to attend and enjoy within the city.

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Boise Hospitality….

It can be difficult to relocate to a new part of the country, but the majority of Californians moving to Boise find the people there to be quite hospitable.  Since there are also now many native Californians living in Boise, you should feel right at home if you choose to make the move. Life may not move at the same pace as in California, but the people are wonderful and the environment is unbeatable.

There are more Californians than ever moving to Boise.  With the rise of telecommuting jobs, many people are finding that they can keep their same job and lead a high-quality life in a beautiful place with a lower cost of living, more privacy, and higher acreage with their home.  There are also many great employment opportunities in Boise, ranging across a wide array of fields.

Boise’s natural beauty is a wonder to behold, and most people who live there enjoy it.  With the Greenbelt and the Boise River in close proximity, there is no limit to the activities you can indulge in.  With several California transplants already living and working in Boise, and the hospitable tendencies of the natives there, you should feel right at home when moving from California to Boise.